An Anatomy of High Converting Product Pages

By John Richardson in Managing Your Amazon Account

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Conversion rate will matter to you as a seller, especially if you want to sell high on Amazon. And high conversion rate means that you have better overall margins and a higher percentage of sales. In a competitive e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, that will play a massive role in your success as a seller. This is why high converting product pages play an essential role in boosting conversion rate. 

To explain further, a conversion rate is defined as the ratio of sales to page views of the Amazon product listing. Hence, its formula is conversion rate= orders/page views. 

The better the conversion rate you have, the more sales can get. Also, a higher percentage of people who find your product go on to buy means more sales and profit.

For this blog, we will dissect each vital part of a product page that converts. 

The Product Title

Your product title is the most crucial part of your product page as far as relevance is concerned. A good product title can become a factor for your product to rank in Amazon search results. 

As part of best practice, your title should contain the following: 

  • Brand name
  • Product line
  • Material or key feature
  • Product type
  • Color
  • Size 
  • Packaging/quantity 

It doesn’t have to contain all of the elements mentioned above. But to craft a great title, you should know how to order these elements along with your target keyword.  Also, limit your title to 200 characters, including spaces. 

Choosing the right keyword is a significant ranking factor.

Keyword order and choice can influence Amazon product sales and rank. So it is crucial to choose the best keyword to integrate into your product title.

Here are other steps to take in optimizing your product titles:

  • Use Magnet to research for the most popular keyword.
  • Use keyword inspector to do an extensive research ASIN search on your top competitor. 
  • Pick a competitor in the top three spots with the most reviews.
  • Use a word or two-word phrase frequency counter and start writing your title based on the frequency. 

Additional tip!

You can make use of special characters to add some style to your title. 

Product description 

The product description will be the first thing your customer sees when they show interest in your product. So one thing to remember is that you have to take your time to fill out all the necessary information you can provide to your audience. 

A great product description should do the following:

  • Emphasize the value of your product;
  • Show why your product is the solution to your customer’s problem;
  • Make them feel like they need the product now. 

Optimizing your product description is necessary for all high-converting product pages. 

To achieve the criteria above, it is advisable to follow the following tips to entice your customer into making a purchase: 

  • Focus on how your product can benefit the customer, instead of just writing its features; 
  • Keep it casual and relatable. Customers hate it when the copy sounds snobbish; 
  • Try to tell a story that pinpoints your customer’s problem and how your product solves it; 
  • Integrate keywords as this will be necessary for optimizing your product. 

Suppose there is one final goal that your product description wants to achieve. In that case, it will convert first-time buyers into loyal customers. 

Product Features

If you see a bulleted list that appears at the top of the product pages, this is your product features section. The importance of this section is to help your business showcase the essential aspects of your product. 

Optimization tips for this section

You can optimize this section so that your product is visible in the Amazon search results. You can do these two steps: 

  1. List important features. You can list information like what your product can do, how it works, warranties and guarantees. 
  2. Incorporate keywords. It will help you appear in relevant search results for important keywords. 


Your product images are integral to convert your prospect into a customer because audiences use them to judge your product. Putting the right images in your product listings gives your audience a visual perception of your product. So, make sure every picture is shoppable. 

Upload high-resolution images recommended is 1000 X 1000 pixels to your listings so your customers can zoom in and get a better view of your products. 

Requirements for your main images

Your main images need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Professional-looking image. It should be taken professionally to showcase your product. 
  • Focus on the product. Your product should fill the majority of the frame, and the background should be white. 
  • No markings. There should be no unnecessary markings like watermarks and additional text to the image. You don’t want any distractions to the picture. Your product should be the focal point. 

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Think of your marketing strategy in creating a product page


As a seller, you must know what prices you are competing against. If your product is too expensive, you are likely to get fewer sales. If your product is too cheap, then you are likely to get less profit. You don’t want any of them. You’ll want to get sales and profits at the same time. So what you can do is to find the sweet spot between the two. 

You can do research on your competitors and see how they price their products. You may decide whether or not your product should be more expensive or cheaper than your competitors. 

There are platforms available to help you find the right price for your product. Amazon’s Match Low Price will help you match the lowest prices on Amazon for your products. It will allow you to set your own preferences to compete along with your competitors on pricing. 

The social proof: reviews

If there is one thing every seller should remember is to never underestimate the power of each customer. Past customers will affect how your prospect decides to buy because they can become your social proof. 

There is no other way to overcome objections and make customers buy your product than social proof. And the easiest way to display social proof? Your Amazon reviews! 

You’ll be surprised how a review can scale up your conversion rate as it is proven that products with more reviews and have a higher rating do convert more. It is also shown that Amazon ranks products with 4 or more stars at the top of their search results. Hence, it does make sense because people want to buy from a seller who is trusted. What better way to display that trust than having those reviews on display.

Encourage your customers to review your product.

Before, businesses used to give incentives to customers to write a review on their product page. However, that is now illegal. What sellers can do is to encourage the customer to review. Sellers can take advantage of email marketing to invite them to write a review. 

Also, don’t worry about having a negative review. This can become a learning opportunity to improve your product.  

Go to your Amazon consultant now!

Optimizing your product page would lead you to convert more customers. Hence, this can drive more profit and sales to your e-commerce business. Remember, high converting product pages should contain:

  • An optimized product title; 
  • An enticing product description; 
  • A high-converting product feature section; 
  • Professionally-taken images;
  • Competitive pricing; and, 
  • Positive product reviews from your past customers. 

Consultants from Amazon Stores 4 U can help you optimize your product page that leads to high conversions. Tap your Amazon consultant now!