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We help you become another Amazon Success Story!

Our services focus on setting up and managing your Amazon Store for increased sales, short and long-term, ability to list and launch products quickly with best practices and keeping seller account in line with Amazon policy. Along with managing your marketing efforts and working with you to look for growth opportunities.

We accomplish this by providing a thorough and proven set of three processes.


Setting Up a New Amazon Store5
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We conduct in-depth research into your domain (your competitors) on Amazon. We assess their products, advertisements, and storefronts to be used in the optimization strategy that makes you their toughest competitor.

  • Review your product offering against other Amazon products 
  • Develop a set of goals and associated timeline that you wish to reach 
  • Determine what type/features of your Amazon Store will be required to reach your goals/timeline 
  • Create a Financial Model that establishes overall costs of your Amazon Store  and the profit margins based on you Cost of Goods Sold


Based on our agreed to goals, we create optimized product features and descriptions by creating compelling content utilizing Amazon Best Practices

Amazon Stores 4 You Services-2
  • Gathering content (descriptions and imagery)
  • Setting up Products (descriptions, imagery, keywords, etc.) and Pricing
  • Creating Enhanced Brand content and their own Amazon Store webpage for those that own their trademark
  • Setting up identified Sponsored Ads or Promotions
  • Create email campaigns to generate customer Reviews
  • Implement Detailed Financial Reporting (P&L and Sales)
  • Assist in setting up shipment of Products for Fulfillment by Amazon  

Develop Continuous Process to Increase Sales Growth and Find New Opportunities

Now that your Amazon Store is established, we work with you to look for new opportunities (new product offerings, bundling) and make sure that you continue your growth toward dominance of your Product’s domain(s). This are two Levels of this:

  • Gold Level - Focus is on Store Performance & Growth
  • Platinum Level - Planning and Management of a Long Term Strategy along with recognition of  new Opportunities (Products/Countries)
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Create and manage Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Create metrics report based upon Goals and Associated Timelines developed during Assessment

Create/Deliver/Review Monthly Report

Create/Implement any Action Items that come out of the Review

Quarterly review of content on Product pages (includes keyword analysis)

Provide email and phone support to address any questions or issues that may arise

Monitor inventory levels and support product replenishment

Perform a detailed Competitive Analysis of your product offering against other Amazon products in your domain to look for ways (optimization changes, keywords, pricing) to move your offering(s) to the next level

Provide a full Amazon Advertising Campaign analysis and work with you to setup and monitor ongoing Campaigns using our Amazon Specific specialized tools 

Create a growth strategy that will include finding and analyzing possible new complementary Products or other Amazon Growth Markets (Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia)   

Perform a Product Life Cycle Analysis to see if there is a negative shift in the overall Product Domain(s) that you compete in so that you can properly plan your next critical business step


Store Sizes





Up to 5 Products

Up to 10 Products

Up to 20 Products

Assessment - *One Time Fee 




Develop & Implement Store and Marketing Program for Initial Sales Growth Program -  **One Time Fee 




Develop Continuous Process to Increase Sales Growth and Find New Opportunities - (Gold Level -  **Monthly Fee)




Develop Continuous Process to Increase Sales Growth and Find New Opportunities - (Platinum Level -  **Monthly Fee)




*Assessment Fee will be credited toward Implementation Fee if the project progresses beyond Assessment

**This is the minimum Fee.  This fee will be established as part of the Assessment effort.