How to Sell on Amazon SUCCESSFULLY? Top Four Amazon Selling Tips from the Pros

By John Richardson in Managing Your Amazon Account

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Competition amongst sellers in Amazon is high. That is one actual fact that most sellers in the marketplace realize. With that said, getting sales and profits in the marketplace has been competitive ever since more businesses are selling online. Hence, new (and even experienced sellers) tend to ask, “how to sell on Amazon successfully?”

The marketplace does drive traffic to your listing because it is just the world’s largest e-commerce platform. But, selling on the platform doesn’t guarantee instant success. In fact, you’ll need to work beyond just ``selling online.” 

We laid out all the tips and tricks you’ll need to boost your profit and sales in the online marketplace for this blog. 

When you think of Amazon, think of SEO!

Amazon has its own search algorithm called A9 since it is the subsidiary's name that handles its SEO efforts. Its task is to manage search and advertising technologies to sell its products to millions of customers. 

Unlike in Google, where people perform various searches, mostly informational searches, people do transactional searches in Amazon. That is why its algorithm boils down to two crucial ranking factors: relevance and performance. 

Ranking factors to remember:

Some of the most critical elements sellers should pay attention to are our product titles, seller’s name, backend keywords, brand field, and product description in terms of relevance. 

As for the performance-related ranking, it is advisable to focus on the product’s price, the conversion rate, product images, and reviews to your product page. To summarize, here are the following tips to get your product noticed and perform well in Amazon’s search engine:  

  • Put the most essential keyword in your product title for optimization; 
  • Use bullet points in your product description to make the copy scannable to your customers; 
  • Create product descriptions that tell a story. Also, don’t forget that benefits matter the most. 
  • Use backend search terms; and, 
  • Encourage your customers to leave a review on your product page.  

Your listing matters! 

An Amazon listing is the product page for each item you sell. Because it displays your item, your listing will play a crucial role in boosting your sales and profit in the e-commerce marketplace. With that in mind, optimization is vital, as previously mentioned. But, there is one extra step you need to take to make your listing stand out. That is to do competitive research on the sellers who sell your product. 

Spy on your competition

Doing competitive research on your competitors will help you see what works and what doesn’t. So the first thing you can do is search your items and note how you rank compared to your competitors in terms of listing descriptions and price. 

Price your product competitively. 

As a seller, you must know what prices you are competing against. If your product is too expensive, you are likely to get fewer sales. If your product is too cheap, then you are likely to get less profit. You don’t want any of them. You’ll want to get sales and profits at the same time. So what you can do is to find the sweet spot between the two. 

You can do research on your competitors and see how they price their products. You may decide whether or not your product should be more expensive or cheaper than your competitors. 

There are platforms available to help you find the right price for your product. Amazon’s Match Low Price will help you match the lowest prices on Amazon for your products. It will allow you to set your own preferences to compete along with your competitors on pricing. 

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Customer service should be your top priority! 

Since you are selling to your customers, they should be your top priority. Your customer service can go a long way for you to perform well on Amazon. How you’ll interact with your customers will show how you give them importance, whether or not they’ll provide you with a positive or negative review after trying your product. 

Excellent customer service can turn a first-time buyer into a loyal customer. That is because customers like to shop with a seller who will go the extra mile to make sure their needs are met. 

Upgrade your customer service game!

To ensure that you can provide an excellent customer experience, here are ways you can do to step up your customer service game: 

  • Respond to customer inquiries promptly;
  • If there are disputes regarding your product, make sure to deal with them as quick as possible; 
  • If you have returned, handle them with ease. 

Your customer service efforts can affect your reviews.

Customer reviews can make or break your success in Amazon. Suppose you take good care of your customers and handle them with professionalism. In that case, there are higher chances that they will leave a positive review on your product page. Such a review will not only highlight your product but will also highlight how you handle your customers. This kind of review can boost your morale as a seller as customers are attracted to sellers who can manage their customers with care. 

Contact an Amazon consultant to help you.

No matter how great your product is, your customers won’t see your product if the following steps are not followed. Remember, mastering SEO in Amazon will go a long way so that your product can be seen by your customers. Your product listing and price also matter if you want to compete with other sellers selling similar products. Lastly, the way you handle your customers will be vital to your Amazon success. 

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