Is your "Pump" Primed!

By John Richardson in Managing Your Amazon Account

After several false starts, Prime Day(s) are fast approaching (October 13th and 14th) and quite a few of my clients are having second thoughts about the plans we discussed just a month ago.

It is certainly too late to get signed up for the Prime Day Lightning Deals, but even one of my clients have decided to cancel the ones they had set up and approved for.  Why, because they started looking at the discounts that Amazon set, the required "entry fee" and the fact that they already have great sales.  They were also concerned about their ability to maintain inventory levels through the holiday season.  Last year they ran out of inventory mid-December and they lost out on quite a few sales at a price point much higher than they went during their Prime Day sales.

Another one of my clients had planned on using Prime Day to help launch a new product line, but with the shifting of Prime Day several times, we went and launched anyway and the sales have been so good, they are scrambling to make sure they have enough inventory to get them through the holidays!

I do have several clients that have some "overstocked" products with large margins and waited too late to  submit requests for Prime Day Lightning Deals, so we are setting up 40% Off coupons instead.

In short, you don't have to give away your products just to say that you participated in Prime Day, make sure you have the inventory and can take a fairly severe "hair cut".  If you don't feel that you can, then do like the other millions and simply find yourself some great deals during the chaotic Prime Day period!

"Your products deserve their place on Amazon, the leading online marketplace"