Get Serious About Your Amazon Success - Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry!

By John Richardson in Managing Your Amazon Account

For those of you that have gone through the process of setting up Brand Registry for your Amazon account I applaud you. It is not always an easy process and if you by chance make a mistake, recitifying it is an ordeal that requires both patience and persistance.

The question I am often asked, is it worth the time/effort and costs. My response "Do you simply want to sell on Amazon or do you want to be successful selling on Amazon?"

More Brands/Companies/Products are establishing a presence on Amazon, creating increased competition. To help level the playing field Amazon continues to provide new/enahnced marketing features and more of these are being tied to Brand Registry.

Does it cost you anything to enroll in Brand Registry and the answer is no as long as you have a registered trademark. For those companies that do not have a registered trademark for your company name, then you need to invest the dollars and time to get it. It is not an onious process like getting a patent, and the cost is much less. Simply Google "time and costs of getting a registered trademark" and you will find multiple articles about how to and how much it costs to get a trademark done.

In future articles I'll break out the different marketing options that you will be able to take advantage of with Brand Registry.

Your products deserve their place on Amazon, the leading online marketplace