Amazon Marketing - Cool New Module - "Shoppable image"​

By John Richardson in New Features

For those of you that follow my articles, you know that I highly recommend that you get your company name "trade marked" so that you can take advantage of the Amazon marketing opportunities you gain through Brand Registry.

For those who already have an Amazon Store (if you are not aware of what these are you can see a great example at Revgear) I wanted to let you know that they have added a really cool new Module - "Shoppable image"

It allows you to insert an image that contains a group of your Products. You then you can add a "point" up to 5 of them with the Product ASINs and the image of the Product will show up if you hoover over the "point" (see below)

If you have have various, complementory Products (furniture, clothing, pet supplies) you can utilize this and add some real cross selling power to your Amazon Store!

Next set of articles will talk about how to use your A+ content to cross sell you catalog of Products.

"Your products deserve their place on Amazon, the leading online marketplace"