O Canada!, Viva Mexico... Now a way to be able to take advantage of your NA Amazon account!

By John Richardson in New Features

For the past few months my FBA clients have been receiving emails from Amazon to get them to start listing their .com products in .ca and .mx. The process (which sounds really easy, but still have a few bugs to work out) to setup the products goes pretty fast, but then you start looking at getting inventory to those warehouses and are you find out that instead of a $1.00 to send via Amazon's UPS account to Moreno Valley, you are looking at $15!

Tieing up inventory and this additional expense has kept many of my clients from pursuing these markets. This new program allows you to use your FBA inventory you already have at a US warehouse and from the initial FBA fees that I have seen for one of my clients, those costs are about the same as your US FBA ones.

So, while this is a "invitation only" program at this time, lately Amazon has quickly moved these types of programs from beta to general availability in fairly short time. Hopefully you may see this available by Christmas and if you have the inventory to support it, then I'd recommend jumping on it.

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