"Bundle"​ up for the Holidays!!

By John Richardson in New Features

Just in time for Q4, Amazon has opened up a great new feature that many of us have been waiting on and that is "Virtual Bundles".

Many of us have complimentary products that we would like to offer as a bundle, but in the past you had to create a whole new product. The challenge has been the unknown, will it sell, do I want to pay for shipment to Amazon to test it out, can I tie up the inventory?

Amazon had a beta program that has now rolled out to all Amazon accounts that have Brand Registry (another reason for you to get that trademark) that allows you to put together a virtual bundle of up to 5 FBA/Brand Registered products. You must use at least 2 ASINs for the bundle, but you can vary the units for the products (1 pair of boxing gloves and 2 handwraps)

Very easy as there are no new UPC code, you can reuse all of your images (except for the Main Image, which must show the bundled products), key features from the current listings and you simply need to develop a new product name. Below the main part of the listing, they show the individual products so that someone can easily dive into the details of bundle contents.

So far, I have been able to utilize all of the major ad campaigns.

The only downside I have run into so far is that I can't setup Parent/Child Variations using bundles.

There is no break on the FBA charges as they are charged per product.

This is certainly the time of the year to try this out and increase your margins per sale and introduce your customers to more of your products!

Here is a bookmark to the Seller Central screen: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/bundles/create

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