Benefits Amazon Store Consultant

Why we feel that you should have your own Amazon Store!

With over 20 years of eCommerce experience we have lived through the evolution of taking months to build out a simple website and the enormous costs of this effort to the ability to build out an optimized website that can be delivered for a fraction of the costs in mere weeks.

But we have also seen that with this reduction in time/cost the geometric growth in competition.  We are talking about competition from major players that have an established brand and expertise to be on the first page of search engine results.

We have also beared witness to small businesses that have a great product, but can’t get the exposure to refine their offering and many times simply disappear.

Many of them struggle with the myth that if you build a great website, they will come.  The problem is that the time and effort to build this type of traffic is usually way beyond their capabilities or they simply don’t have the time to wait to see if their product can compete in the market place.

So we decided to focus our knowledge and expertise in helping these small companies succeed by taking them to market on the world’s largest online retail store, Amazon Stores.

Our goal is to give you every advantage to succeed in either a new product launch or increasing sales through this electronic channel.

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